BHLA Series

Bilge High Level Alarm System

In accordance to IMO Regulation, SOLAS Chapter II-2, Reg. and Chapter XII-9.

Principle of Operation:

Designed using the proven magnetic float switch principle. Each system consists of the RFS float switch and alarming panel.

Reed switches inside the stem are activated by the permanent magnet fixed inside the float which rises and falls to the changes of liquid level. Once the reed switches are activated, it sends an alarm signal to the indicating unit in the control room.


Developed to comply with IMO regulations for Cargo Hold, Pump Room and Engine Room Bilge High Level Alarm. The sensors are designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions in cargo hold, pump room and engine room.

Suitable for marine and offshore installations like chemical parcel tanker, chemical/product tanker, oil tanker, container vessel, FSO, FPSO etc. Land based system catered for the petrochemical, refinery and process installations are available.


  • High reliability.
  • Self monitoring.
  • Easy setting abd installation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Intrinsically Safe Design
  • Approval by major classification societies.