Modern Automation is Authorized Marine Agent by Yokogawa for Field Instruments & General Instruments.

 Includes and not limited to the following :-

 - Pressure Transmitter (EJA-E, EJX-A series)

 - Temperature Transmitter (YTA series)

 - Digital Indicating controller (UT series)

 - Temperature Controller (TC10 series)

 - Programmable Indicating Controller (YS series)

 - Digital Indicating Controller (US series)

 - Magnetic Flowmeter (AXF/AXR/AXG/AXW series)

 - Vortex Flowmeter (DY Series)

 - Rotameter (RAMC Series)

 - Rotamass/Coriolis Flowmeter (RC Series)

 - NETSOL Paper Recorder (uR series) / NETSOL Paperless Datalogger (GX series)

 - 2-wire Analyzer / 4-wire Analyzer

 - Liquid Analyzer Electrode / Cable / Fittings & spares

 - JUXTA series

 - Pneumatic Controller (MC43)

 - Pneumatic Transmitters (Y/ series)


Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter


2 Pen Recorder