Field of Business (Boiler Control)

  1. Boiler automatic combustion control (ACC)
  2. Boiler feed water control (FWC)
  3. PLC upgrading and MGO modification
  4. Health Check and Drydock maintenance
  5. Authorized service representative for
    • Volcano (Burner & Incinerator)
    • Kangrim

Field of Business (Automation)

  1. All pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical devices & equipments
  2. Design alarm panel by P.L.C
  3. Fire and smoke detection system
  4. Hydraulic remote control valves system
  5. Inert gas system, Inert gas generator and Oxygen analyzer
  6. Fixed Gas Detection System for Pump room, Accommodation, Water Ballast Tank and etc. (Combustible, H2S, Oxygen and etc)
  7. Automatic Unloading System (AUS)  
  8. Oil discharge monitoring system (ODME)
  9. 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor 
  10. Tank gauging system and High level alarm & draft gauge
  11. Temperature and pressure control system
  12. Remote Control system for Cargo & Ballast Line
  13. Viscosity Meter service and maintenance
  14. Vapour Emission Control system (VECS)
  15. Portable Single/Multi Gas detector
  16. Pressure calibrator, Pressure gauge, Temperature calibrator, UTI/MMC tape, etc.

Field of Business (Engineering)

  1. Afloat repair
  2. Retrofitting of existing system
  3. Marine repair, fabrication of pipe, steel works

Field of Business (Stockist)

  1. Azbil
  2. Crowcon
  3. Daiichi Nekken
  4. Deckma Hamburg
  5. Green Instruments
  6. Hyoda 
  7. Komyo
  8. Mitsubishi Automatic Combustion Control
  9. Nakakita and Azbil (ex-Yamatake)
  10. New Cosmos
  11. NGK Analyzer/ Energy Support
  12. Oxus
  13. Riken Keiki
  14. Shinko
  15. Sunflame
  16. Toka Seiki
  17. Tokyo Keiso (Level Gague / Mechanical Level Gauge)
  18. Yokogawa
  19. Volcano