Fixed Type Oxygen Analyzer for Inert Gas System / N2 Generator

"ExxonMobil Recommendations:

All vessels fitted with IGS system MUST have a complete spare IGS oxygen (O2) analyser unit. It is Strongly Preferred that this spare IGS O2 analyser is permanently fitted as an additional IGS O2 analyser to serve as a back-up in case of failure of the main IGS O2 analyser.

Daiichi Nekken TB-IIS Oxygen Analyzer is widely used onboard vessel on Inert Gas System(IGS) Oxygen Analyzer. The TB-IIS has proven record in Marine Applications for Inert Gas System (IGS). 

Features of TB-IIS Oxygen Analyzer:

  • Accepts large flowing quantity of the sample (about 50L/min)
  • Measured even if sample gas is dewy
  • Simple structure
  • Easy maintenance
  • (Selector Switch ver.) Adjustable to No 1 or No 2 Oxygen Analyser 


If you have an old Oxygen Analyzer that needs new analyzer or requires a Secondary Oxygen Analyzer in-line with existing Oxygen Analyzer, it is possible with Daiichi Nekken Ecoaz TB-IIS. 


Measuring Range 0 ~ 25 % O²
Output D.C. 4~20mA, 0~1V
Accuracy In less than -/+ 2% of full scale
Repeatability In less than -/+ 2% of full scale
Response Less than 10 sec (90% of full scale)
Alarm High/High 5%/8% (default)
     *User can change the set point.
Warm up Time  About 20 min
Ambient Temp 80°C max. for Sensor, -5 ~ 50°C for Control Unit
Ambient Humidity 0 ~ 85% max, non condensing
Sample Temperature 300°C max at sensor inlet
Sample Pressure 0.01Mpa ~ 0.02 Mpa
Power Supply AC100V -/+10V   200VA Max.
Pipe Connection JIS 5K 15A Flange for Inlet & Outlet


Daiichi Nekken is a Zirconia Electrochemical Type Oxygen Analyzer. It can indicate oxygen concentration in gas continuously. The EcoaZ TB-IIS consists of the sensor and control unit. The control unit indicates an oxygen concentration. The sensor detects the oxygen concentration. Both are connected with the signal cable.

Daiichi Oxygen Analyzer is using Zirconia Ceramic sensing cell. The Zirconia Ceramic works under the high temperature more than about 600°C and becomes able to move in stabilized zirconia.