PRGA Series

Pump Room Gas Alarm System

In accordance to IMO, SOLAS Chapter II-2, Reg.

Principle of Operation:

Designed for detecting combustible gas catalytic combustion principle. Each system consists of the detection, alarm and meter unit tailor-made to customer requirement.

If combustible gas is detected and exceeds the alarming level, the lamp and buzzer unit will be activated. Additionally, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide monitors utilizing electrochemical principal can be fitted to meet terminal requirements.


Developed to comply with SOLAS Chaper II-2, Reg. for continuous monitoring of the concentration of hydrocarbon gases in cargo pump room. It is designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions on-board ships.

Suitable for marine and offshore installations like chemical parcel tanker, chemical/product tanker, oil tanker, container vessel, FSO, FPSO etc. Land based system catered for the petrochemical, refinery and process installations are available.


  • High reliability.
  • Continuous monitoring in C.C.R.
  • Adjustable alarm settings
  • Compact design.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Dimmer function.
  • Local panel gas leak monitoring and shutdown.
  • Approval by major classification societies.