OMD-2008 EV FC MCU with Flow Control

15ppm Bilge Alarm according to IMO Resolution MEPC. 107(49)

Authorized Agent (Sales and Service Station) for Germany Maker : Deckma Hamburg

OMD-2008 EV FC MCU is equipped with a Flow Sensor. The Flow Sensor is positioned in the drain line of the Measuring Cell.

EV = Electric Valve for Sample Water / Clean Water
FC = Flow Control
MCU = Manual Cell Clean Unit


  • Consist of electric valve, flow control, manual cell clean unit
  • To prevent an accidental or wilful discharging of oily water
  • Monitoring the flow of low viscous liquids
  • Measuring of aggressive, high-purity or salty solutions


The new OMD-2008 EV FC MCU version of the OMD-2008 instrument come with a flow sensor that measures the sample flow rate, and automatically sets the instrument into alarm condition, if a closed valves, and a missing sample stream harmless events that do not lead to unlawful discharge, the OMD-2008 EV FC MCU also makes manipulation and tinkering with the instrument setup much less rewarding. 

Additionally for the OMD-2008 EV FC instruments a Manual Cleaning Unit (MCU) is available. This system allows to quickly clean the sample glass tube without having to open the Measuring Cell. With the MCU maintenance of system becomes very easy, ensuring high reliability and reduced maintenance workload.