Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzer

OXUS OA-Z-IG is designed to measure the oxygen concentration in an environment where the combustion gases of oil or gas fuels flow and to transmit oxygen concentration to users. 

OA-Z-IG is suitable in Panel Mount Type and Oxygen Analyzing System for ensuring stable performance for a long period and operational conveniences. 

Types of Panel Mount

1) Single type Panel Mount 

2) Dual type Panel Mount : A spare analyzer is additional mounted. In this case, a selection box that comprises directional control valve and selector switch will be mounted additionally. 

Certified under the M.E.D

OA-Z-IG has acquired MED certification from the Korea Register and holds EC type examination (Module B) and EC quality system assesment (Module D) certification for fixed oxygen analysis equipment. 

"ExxonMobil Recommendations:

It is Stronly Preferred that this spare IGS O2 Analyzer is permanently fitted as an additional IGS O2 analyzer to serve as a back-up in case of failure of the main IGS O2 analyzer."