Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzer

"ExxonMobil Recommendations:

It is Stronly Preferred that this spare IGS O2 Analyzer is permanently fitted as an additional IGS O2 analyzer to serve as a back-up in case of failure of the main IGS O2 analyzer."

The G3600 is the upgraded version of G3500 which provide extra advantages such as:


  • Touchscreen type
  • Galvanically separated and provides stronger analog signal
  • New Improved sensor
  • Trend graph display and data logging


If you have an old G3500 Oxygen Analyzer that needs new analyzer, upgrading of existing SBS/G3500 Oxygen Analyzer to new G36 is possible. We can offer the following options :

• SBS/G3500 Single to a G36 Single System
• SBS/G3500 Single to a G36 Double System
• SBS/G3500 Double to a G36 Double System
• G36 Single to G36 Double System (Extension board)