CTLM Series

Cargo Tank Level Master System for Tank Level Gauging & Temperature Monitoring

In accordance to Marine Classification Society and USCG 46 CFR 39.20-3 Requirements.

Principle of Operation:

Designed using the proven mangetic reed switch principle. Each monitoring loop consists of the Level Master Detector Unit, Control Board and Indicator Unit.


Sensors are designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions on a ship's deck and in cargo tanks.

Suitable for marine and offshore installations in chemical parcel taner, chemical/product tanker, oil tanker, crude oil carrier, FSO, FPSO etc.


  • High reliability with robust design using magnetic reed switches. Proven track record of 20 years.
  • Simple design & construction for level gauging, temperature, pressure and overfill Alarms in cargo tank.
  • Easy installation with minimum space requirement and cost.
  • User-friendly SMART type touch screen LCD display unit with multi-window display.
  • Modbus protocol / outputs with RS485.
  • Easy and safe maintenance on deck without necessity to open or gas-free cargo tanks.
  • Intrinsically safe design with safety barrier to EEx ia 11C in accordance to IEC standard.
  • ClassNK and C.C.S Type Approved.