CHWD Series

Cargo Hold Water Ingress Detection & Alarm System

In accordance to SOLAS Chapter XII, Regulation 12 and IMP Resolution MSC 145(77) adopted on 5th June 2003 IACS UR S24, SC 180 and Performance Standard DE46.

Principle of Operation:

Designed using the proven magnetic switch principle. Each system consists of the RFS float switch and alarming panel.

Reed switches inside the stem are activated by the permanent magnet fixed inside the float which rises and falls with the changes in liquid level. Once the reed switches are activated, it sends an alram signal to the indicating unit in the cargo control room / navigational bridge.


Developed to comply with IMO regulations for bulk carrier in accordance to IMO Resolution MSC 145(77) and SOLAS Chapter XII, Regulation 12.

The sensors are designed and type tested to IEC 60092-504 to withstand the extreme environmental conditions in cargo hold and ballast tanks to Performance Standards DE 46, IACS UR S24 and SC 180 requirements.


  • High reliability with enclosure to IP68 rating accordance to IEC 60529 requirement.
  • Corrosion-resistant sensor and rigid protection chamber/filter in cargo hold on adjacent space.
  • Alarm override function with automatic cancellation and reactivation of alarm upon de-ballasting of WBT.
  • Continuouis monitoring system with fault alarm for "Open Circuit", "Short Circuit" & "Power Fail".
  • Manual function test in-situ.
  • Intrinsically Safe design to EEx ia IIC requirement & Type tested in accordance to IEC 60092-504 and IEC 50529.
  • Type Approved by ClassNK, CCS & Class Approved by all major societies.