EXXON Mobile Requirement
Manufacturing Systems
Cargo Tank Level & Temperature Monitoring System
Cargo Tank High / Overfill Alarm System
Cargo Tank Secondary Vapor Pressure Alarm System
Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring System
Cargo Hold Water Ingress Detection & Alarm System
Cargo Oil Pump Temperature Monitoring System
Pump Room Gas Alarm System
Pump Room Bilge Alarm System
Boiler Automation Combustion Control System (A.C.C.)
Ballast Tank Level Gauging System
Hydro-Carbon Gas Detection System
Vapour Emission Control System
Engine Room Alarm & Monitoring System
Generator Control Monitoring System
Fire Alarm System
Manufacturing Programs


W21S Series
  • Ease of Upgrade & Retrofitting to Existing System.
  • Ease of Installation & Modification by Vessel Crew.
  • Under ExxonMobil Criteria under Section E for Safety and Security Management, Clause E.19:
    • It is Strongly Preferred that Anemometer display/ monitoring repeater with a recorder (paper/digital) is available in the Cargo Control Room (CCR) and designed to be capable of setting a minimum of two desired alarms limits.
    • This alarm should sound an audible and visual alarm in the Cargo Control Room (CCR) and on deck if the set limits are exceeded.
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