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Smoke Density Detector
The G1000 used to detect the smoke emission from ships. G1000 is effective equipment that checks the discharged smoke to prevent fines and investigation caused by polluting of environments.


Ambient Oil Mist Detector
The G2000 used to detect the oil mist in open spaces to protect ship and crew from fire. It detects oil that was converted to mist during Hydraulic Installation or oil system under pressure.
  • Features:
    • Cost Effective Protection
    • Ease of Maintenance and Operation
    • Scanning Distance 3-9m
    • Lloyd’s Register Type Approved
  • Download Specification Sheet

Analysing System


NOx / O2 Analysing System
The G4100 NOx / O2 Analysing System is the latest development from Green Instrument to assist ships to comply with Environmental Standards. The system is able to monitor the excess O2 in flue gas and allow the better optimization of fuel consumption.
  • Features:
    • Check Engine Performance
    • Comply with Emission Regulation
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    • High Realibility with True Wet Measurement of NOx & O2 in flue gas
    • Lloyds Register Type Approved
  • Download Specification Sheet


Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzer
The G3500 provide better utilization of fuel through optimizing of fuel-air ratio, and decrease the pollution through better conversion of fuel to energy and reducing the level of black smoke. The G3500 provides real-time data to control the fuel-air ratio.
  • Features:
    • Optimize Boiler Efficiency
    • Keeping Boiler Clean
    • Save Fuel
    • Automatic Back Flushing for Purging the Filter at Probe Head
    • Protection of the Environment
    • Certified under the M.E.D. by Bureau Veritas (BV)
The G3600 is the upgraded version of G3500 which provide extra advantages such as:
  • Features:
    • Touchscreen type
    • Galvanically separated and provides stronger analog signal
    • New Improved Sensor
    • Trend graph display and data logging
  • Download Specification Sheet

Boiler Protection

  G5000 / G5200

Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor
The G5000 EGEM is used to monitor the temperature and the pressure of the boiler. The common accidents in boilers are caused by Soot-fire in exhaust gas economizers due to low grade fuels and reduced engine speed. The installation of the G5000 provides the data on pressure drop and temperature in comparison to current load. It also provides the monitoring of water circulation to boiler to prevent over soot burning developed into high temperature fires and boiler meltdown.
  • Features:
    • Maintain Economizer / Boiler Efficiency
    • Prevent Soot-Fires
    • Cost-Effective Protection Against Costly Damages
    • Direct Alarm for Low Water Circulation (G5000)
  • Download Specification Sheet


Oil-Fired Boiler Monitor
The G5000 is the modular system designed to monitor the boiler’s thermal condition and furnace back-pressure. The G5000 provides the indication of the potential problems e.g poor combustion and soot deposits on the gas side and the scale build-up or oil contamination on the water side.
  • Features:
    • Configurable Measuring Range and Output
    • Configurable Alarms
    • Easy Integration to Boiler Control System